Zumba Classes In Delaware

Looking for a new way to burn those calories and get back in shape? Want something fun, enjoyable and energy burning at the same time?? Well…good news, the latest craze of Zumba is sweeping the world and there seems to be no better way to work those moves!

Zumba was a concept that was brought about accidentally by the celebrity fitness trainer Alberto Perez of Columbia when on one occasion he had forgotten to bring along his music. Instead of cancelling the lesson, he opted to use the salsa music he had and mixed in traditional dance steps with aerobic movements to create the workout. This new workout, called Zumba shot to fame around 1999 and today, Perez teaches around 2000 people a week.

With Zumba classes being conducted at over 40,000 locations in more than 75 countries, wherever you are, it’s not too difficult to find a Zumba class and the story is no different if you are looking for Zumba classes in Delaware.

The number of Zumba classes in Delaware have been growing since mid 2009 and today there are several places for Zumba classes in Delaware, whether you are a busy worker, housewife or mum… you are sure to find something which suits your time and convenience.

The most popular place for Zumba classes in Delaware is perhaps the YMCA-the Bear-Glasgow family YMCA offers Zumba classes and would probably be the best place to start looking. The Zumba classes in Delaware YMCA will not require any fee as long as you are a full member of the YMCA; if not of course, you would have to make payments on the day as they are drop in sessions there is no registration required. Zumba classes require no particular fitness level and the ones at the Delaware YMCA will accept anyone over the age of 14.

If however you do find yourself needing more options before deciding on where to attend your Zumba classes in Delaware, then you could also try Zumba with Pam in Bear, which provides one hour Zumba classes in Delaware, taught by licensed instructor Pam Andrews. Pam’s Zumba classes in Delaware are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 4.30pm and Fridays at 6.30pm at the Ambra Karate Academy in Bear. There are a few payment options and on average a lesson will cost about $10.

If you are a mom in Delaware, try visiting delawaremomslikeme.com where you could get more details on the Zumba classes in Delaware for as little as $6 per hourly lesson or $50 for a month. These classes are usually held on weekend mornings and could be the perfect option for busy moms.