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Breast Feeding - Heavenly Nectar For Babies.  

Breast Feeding - Heavenly Nectar For Babies
By Eddie Lamb
Breast feeding is the greatest and the best gift any mother can give her child. Yet, the world over, there are millions of infants deprived of this benefit. This is because of many factors and circumstances force mothers use formula milk instead. These circumstances could be physical (such as the mother is incapable of producing milk, or the baby has a lactose digestion problem) or it could be due to the fact that both the parents need to work, and hence the mother cannot be at home to nurse the child at the same time.

Promoting Breast Feeding

Studies report that breast feeding helps the child cope better physically and mentally with the challenges that the world throws in his/her path. Side-by-side it has been found that the formula are not as good as was believed once upon a time, neither are these really sterile as the public was led to believe. There had been reports where very unusual things were found in the powder milk such as match sticks, foils, paper and so on indicating the quality control in the factories where these are produced supposedly with state-of-the-art-infrastructure is not actually that great for the baby.

Women all over

the world realized that by depriving their of breast milk, they were indeed doing them a great injustice. This is how breastfeeding made a huge come back and now all over the world enjoy breastfeeding longer and more often (per day). Not only that women tend to continue with breast feeding after the baby is well past two years of age - and the result is that both the mother and child are feeling great about it.

Large corporates accepted and recognized the need for breast feeding and have offered new mothers nursing breaks and creches on their premises so the would not be deprived of their due. It is wonderful to see that have responded well to this change globally - by reporting less susceptibility to disease, good immune system, proper brain development among others.

Formula Versus Breast Feeding

There is no argument that can uphold that the formula can ever be better than mother's milk for the baby. You could say that the formula is extremely convenient - especially for working women - but it is definitely not better. Breast feeding was, is and will always be the best food you can give your infant. In case you can, try to be there at home and close your baby for at least the first three to four months.

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